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Thursday, 30 January 2014

Coworking Tour - The Guild, Bath

Images © The Guild, Bath
I'm currently on a whistle stop tour of the most awesome coworking spaces in the UK, as part of my coworking research. First stop on my itinerary this week? A visit to The Guild coworking hub, Bath.

I love Bath. Not just because it's a great town with heaps of culture (not everywhere has Spa water and Roman Baths, y'no) but because Bath has GREAT coffee too. But even better than that, Bath has a great new coworking space.

I met Tatjana, the space manager at The Guild who showed me around their MEGA place (in a very grand Grade 1 listed building) which has been carefully renovated into a cool 21st century workplace.

We also met Tom - The Guild's founder. Tom and Tatjana have really bought an amazing space to Bath that's being well used within their professional community - there was even Yoga going on when we visited! Tom and Tatjana, we salute you!

Both Tatyana and Tom gave Matt (Coconut Coworking's Co-pilot) and I some real insight and great support. We can't wait to have them back for a Coworking get-together when we can finally open our doors at Coconut HQ!

Next on our Coworking Tour itinerary is Nest Space in Bournemouth (shame it's not summer, we could have a coworking day at the beach!)